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Rated Rips is excited to announce its group submission services for PSA grading, Graded Rips! By submitting your cards through our PSA group submission service, you get the advantage of PSA Collector’s Club pricing without the typical 10-card minimum restriction, combined with the added value of free pre-screening of all of your cards to assist you in maximizing the return on your grading investment. Additionally, all graded cards are returned to you free of charge with slab protection!  

Below you will see details on our pricing and turnaround times, how to request our PSA Grading Submission Form, as well as some of our Frequently Asked Questions.

PSA Group Submission Service Pricing

ALERT: As of 3/30/2021 PSA has temporarily suspended the acceptance of most submissions. They are currently not accepting Value, Economy, Regular, or Express orders. They plan to take a tiered approach to reintroducing these service levels with a goal to bring all suspended service levels back by July 1, 2021.

Super Express & Walk-through will continue to be submitted to PSA, while all others will be held and staged for when PSA resumes those service levels.

See current Complete Through Dates by service level for more accurate turnaround time estimates.

Card & Autograph Dual Service

*Premium Service Levels (Max Declared Value greater than $10,000) may be available. Please contact for details.


Request a Graded Rips PSA Submission Form

To begin the submission process, create an account, or sign in, at the link below as you will need to be logged in to request a submission form.

Submission Process

Frequently Asked Questions

On March 1, 2021 PSA made several changes to it’s grading services with the introduction of a new pricing structure, as well as Complete Through Dates by service level to replace the traditional “Service levels defined by turnaround times” model. Complete Through Dates (CTDs) present factual data on order completion progress for every PSA service level.  A service level’s Complete Through Date is the day before the date of the oldest open order in the PSA system for that particular service level. The CTD is based on order entry date, which means the day the order was formally entered into the PSA system for authentication and grading.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with PSA’s Complete Through Dates FAQ for more details. 

All prices are subject to change in accordance with current PSA service rates. Your pricing is locked in once your cards are shipped to PSA.

UPDATE: On March 30, 2021, in an effort to effectively address its growing backlog of orders, PSA suspended all service levels below Super Express and look to resume services by July 1, 2021. During the suspension PSA aims to improve turnaround times and continue expanding its capacity and staffing. You can read more about the service suspension here

Graded Rips is still processing orders. Super Express & Walk-through will continue to be submitted to PSA, while all others will be held and staged for when PSA resumes those service levels. 

Grading is both a way to preserve the condition of your collectibles, as well as a way to maximize their value. If you intend to sell as part of your short or long term investment strategies, PSA graded cards can often resell for 10-15x that of its ungraded counterpart, depending on the grade.

At Graded Rips, we strongly believe PSA is the industry leader in authentication for trading cards, and why we have chosen to grade exclusively with them. PSA graded cards regularly outpace their competitors on the secondary market and believe their  staying power in the industry far surpasses that of competitors. As a result, we do not offer submission service to any other company. 

So whether its as an investment, or a way to protect and preserve your cards, grading with PSA can be a great way to increase the overall value of your collection. 

Unfortunately, we cannot offer advice on if you should grade a card based on its condition, as the market for graded cards is extremely diverse and ever changing. Graded Rips’ pre-screening process aims to provide you with an Assessment Grade that we believe to be the most likely or highest possible grade the card will receive, based on the condition of the card and our experience with the PSA grading process. Ultimately, the decision is your if you wish to have it graded. Please note that you will be charged a $15 service fee if you decide to have the card returned to you. This covers pre-screening, shipping, and handling costs.   

Disclaimer: Pre-screening Assessment Grades are subjective, as are the grades given by PSA Graders themselves. Neither Graded Rips, nor PSA, offer guarantees of a particular grade or any compensation for grades you deem unsatisfactory.

A ‘Group Submission’ combines orders from several customers into a single ‘PSA submission’ to leverage bulk pricing from PSA, that traditionally incurs a 10-card minimum for each of their PSA Collector’s Club Value Pricing service levels.

The Declared Value is your estimate of the value of the item after it has been assigned a grade by PSA. PSA understands that you will not know the true value of the item until it has been graded, so they ask that you form a realistic, educated estimate based on your own research, keeping in mind that the Declared Value acts as a maximum value for shipping insurance purposes and in the event a claim related to the item.

To determine the value, PSA recommends you start by referencing PSA’s Photograde Online to obtain general, visual illustrations of each card grade; this may help you gauge the quality of your card. Based on this assessment, PSA then advises you to reference various pricing sources to determine the estimated value of your item. Graded Rips recommends using no higher than recent PSA 9 eBay sales for your declared value, understanding that depending on the condition of the card, recent sales of a lower PSA graded card may be more appropriate.

While rare, PSA will occasionally ‘upcharge’ a card on an order if the grade received results in a significantly higher ‘declared value’ than what was originally submitted. Customers are responsible for these upcharges if they occur.

To read more about Declared Value, visit PSA’s FAQ here.

Our service fee covers the cost of each of the following:

    • All PSA Grading Fees
    • Pre-screening, and associated ‘Assessment Grade’ for each card you submit.
    • Proper PSA submission preparations, including resleeving in semi-rigid holders, and cleaning of fingerprints or surface dust (with microfiber cloth only).
    • Supplies (i.e. We provide semi-rigid holders, packing materials, and slab protectors)
    • Shipping to PSA
    • Return Shipping to you (UPS Ground)
    • Insurance in-transit and while in our possession up to $25,000. (Additional insurance may be purchased at $1 per $100 of total declared value).

Please Note: If you decide to forgo grading, and would like a card sent back, you will be charged a $15 service fee per card to cover pre-screening, shipping, and handling costs.

All prices are subject to change in accordance with current PSA service rates. Your pricing is locked in once your cards are shipped to PSA.

A deposit of at least half the ‘Grading Total’ is due upfront, with the remaining balance due upon completion of the grading process. A Deposit Invoice will be generated once your cards arrive and due before processing of your order can begin. Any changes to your order (i.e. deciding not to grade a particular card) will be reflected on your Balance Invoice, which will be issued once grading is complete. Your Balance Invoice will be due before your graded cards can be returned to you.

Your invoice will come through Stripe and can be paid with any major credit card. Unfortunately, we do not accept PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, or Cash App. 


Protect all of your items in a soft sleeve AND top loader with a small amount of painters tape across the opening of the top loader so your cards do not slide out during shipping. If you have semi-rigid holders, those are preferred, but not required. DO NOT USE masking tape, scotch tape or any other form of adhesive tape. In lieu of painters tape, top loaders should be shipped in team bags.

You can further protect them by stacking the top loaded cards together and securing the stack with additional painters tape on all 4 sides. We recommend not ‘stacking’ more than 25 top loaded cards together.


Pack the items in a sturdy cardboard box with sufficient packing material, so your cards do not shift during shipping, and include a printed copy of your Grading Submission Form with your Submission Request Number (ex. SREQ21-0000) displayed clearly on the outside of your box. You will find your Submission Request # in the top right corner of your Grading Submission Form. When printing your submission form, ensure it is printed in a format that displays all columns and rows of the form.

The items should be packaged in the same order they are listed on your submission form. Items not submitted in the correct order will result in a 5% service charge on your invoice and longer processing time. Avoid using shipping envelopes as it may result in damage to your collectibles during shipping. 


Ship your package to the address below using the exact format shown:

Jon Griffey/Graded Rips
2130 Harvey Mitchell Parkway S #10480
College Station, Texas 77840

Please Note: Since this address is a USPS PO Box, tracking may show delivered to the Post Office before the package has been sorted into the PO Box, which can take up to 48 hours after tracking shows delivered. You will be notified once your package has safely arrived.

The Current PSA Turnaround Time Estimates chart is designed to give you realistic estimates based on PSA’s recent turnaround times. Through efforts by PSA to hire more employees, recent expansion to their facilities, and plans to implement Grading Automation, these times may improve over the next 12 months. That being said, unexpected delays may also occur, and are outside the control of Graded Rips. We will keep you informed throughout the grading process, and ship your graded cards within 3 business days of receiving them from PSA.

If you wish to expedite the grading process for your cards, we recommend you choose a service level above Regular.

Each card submitted is placed on a single Group Submission Form with a corresponding Submission Request Number (SREQ21-0000), assigned to you when you request a submission form, and each card is entered into PSA’s system in that exact order. PSA will return all graded cards in the exact order in which they were submitted in their system so our team knows what cards belong to each customer. 

If you need assistance or want to hear more about our PSA Grading Service, please contact or direct message us on Instagram @gradedrips. We will make every effort to respond to inquiries within 24 hours.