Rated Rips was founded by Michael & Mikaela Ferguson.

Michael started doing box breaks as a side hobby in May of 2020.

He was heavily invested in the sneaker community and believed that his reputation in the industry would help make an easy transition into the sports card world. He collected sports cards growing up, but really was determined on creating the most immaculate LeBron James collection. Michael posted his first box break on Instagram in May of 2020. The break sold out almost immediately. From there, Michael started posting 2-3 breaks a night while still working at his day job as a CPA.

After RAPID growth and success in his first few months of breaking.

In August of 2020, Michael decided to leave his career as a CPA to pursue Rated Rips full time.

Michael’s charisma, humor, and positivity during the live streams have created the most incredible, supportive, and rapidly growing community. 

Due to the demand and continued growth of Rated Rips, in May of 2021 his wife, Mikaela decided to leave her career as a CPA to purse Rated Rips full time by Michael’s side. Whether it’s shipping, admin, accounting, sorting cards, or anything that’s needed of her, she doesn’t hesitate to help. She’s the behind-the-scenes guru that keeps everything running smoothly.

Michael & Mikaela now run Rated Rips full time.

They make such a great team and enjoy working together full time! They’ve had so much fun over the last year traveling, meeting new people, growing Rated Rips, and most importantly impacting the lives of so many people. Michael & Mikaela always knew one day they would own a business, but they didn’t realize how great it would be. Their hard work and dedication to Rated Rips has not only changed their lives, but the lives of so many community members. They are constantly giving back to the Rated Rips community and their family and friends.

They’ve also surrounded themselves with an amazing team to help them as they continue to grow.

Charlie Farr started breaking for Rated Rips in August of 2021. His love for Rated Rips and passion for the hobby has made him an incredible addition to the Rated Rips team! His willingness to step up and help in any way possible allows Rated Rips to continue to grow and flourish. Charlie adds a unique personality to Rated Rips, while keeping its core values at heart.

Jon Griffey (Griff) has been a long-time friend and business advisor to Rated Rips. His advice, support and friendship has been a key component to Rated Rips’ success. Griff started out as a member of the Rated Rips community, but quickly became one of Michael & Mikaela’s closest friends. From innovative ideas, to a shoulder to lean on during difficult times of transition, to strategic growth and overall business advise, Rated Rips wouldn’t be where it is today without Griff!

Andrew Molyneux (Moog) has been crucial to Rated Rips over the last year. Moog helped set up the Investo-Kings discord server from the beginning. He was our first paid staff member, but quickly showed his value and loyalty leading to him becoming a partial owner of Investo-Kings in August of 2021. Moog brings a lot of great ideas to the table, keeps Michael & Mikaela on track and is the best hall monitor a server could ever ask for.

None of this would be possible without the incredible people listed above, and most importantly, the community and support surrounding Rated Rips!