Consignment Faqs

  • It is recommended to send all cards in sleeves and top loaders. We suggest packing in team bags if possible.
  • Use a box or secure padded envelope.
  • All modern (Post 1980) trading cards with an estimated value of $5+.
  • Both raw and graded cards are acceptable.
  • Should you have any other items you are looking to consign, please reach out to us!

Yes! Please make sure the package includes your FULL NAME and EMAIL so we can identify the cards as yours.

Should we receive cards that do NOT meet our criteria we will either donate them to charity or return them to you. We require you to cover the return shipping costs should you choose this option.

  • Zelle
  • Paypal
  • Venmo
  • Bank Wire (Minimum payout of $5,000. Rated Rips covers the associated wire fee.)
Sales Price Consignment Fee
$1 – $250 20% of sale*
$251 – $2,500 18% of sale*
> $2,500 $300 + 5% of sale*

NOTE: If a card is sold on eBay, then eBay fees will reduce the payout amount in addition to our consignment fees. For example, if a card sold on eBay for $100, eBay fees would be approximately $12, our consignment fee would be $20 and the payout would be $68.

  • All cards are listed as 7 day auctions with a starting bid of $1.99.
  • All auctions are scheduled to end nightly between 7:00PM – 11:00PM EST.
  • Should you wish to consign a card using a Buy It Now (BIN) format please email us. Estimated value of $5,000+ is required.

If an item is returned to us the net amount will be deducted from what you are owed. We will then re-list the card to make another sale!

We allow eBay buyers 7 days for payment. After 7 days we will cancel the auction and re-list the item.

  • Items that end with no bids will be re-listed a second time in an effort to make a sale. Should an item not sell after this effort we offer 2 options:
  • We reserve the right to sell the items in bulk to assist in recouping some of the listing fees, hours spent sorting, listing, photographing, tracking inventory, etc.
  • You may choose to have them returned to you. We require you to cover the return shipping costs should you choose this option.