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Interested in trading cardsGroup box breaksMaking side incomeReselling? Take 5 minutes out of your day and read what we have to offer!

Whether you are new or a seasoned veteran in any of the areas above joining the Rated Rips server will provide you with knowledge you can apply to make additional income. The server is not meant to be bogged down with bots, monitors, and endless investment items members cannot obtain. Rated Rips is meant to be a place where YOU can come to learn and apply knowledge from our expert team to return profits. There are endless ways to make yourself side income many people do not realize even exist.

Check out everything the discord server has to offer below:

  • Detailed trading card/box investments from the Rated Rips team of experts by category
  • In-depth advice on reselling in general as well as specific investments for members make profits on
  • Priority and discounted pricing to box breaks offered by the best breaker in the industry @RatedRips
  • A general chat area for all members to discuss various topics
  • In-house marketplace to buy/sell/trade items
  • Giveaways (Happening multiple times every week with a variety of products)
  • Accessibility to the Rated Rips team of experts to assist with whatever members may need


What our members have to say!

  • This is by far the best group I’ve been in. What makes the difference is the great community and just zero negativity. All positive vibes and everyone looking out for each other. It also helps that Ferg is the best breaker in the business - no one gives back like the Ferg or pulls the kind a fire he does consistently. Mike is the GOAT
  • There is not another group out there who look out for each other like Investo-Kings. It's not just about the money with these guys, everyone is going to feast but we are going to grow together and help everyone on the way learned everything I know from people here and I've made double what I've made working my trashy min wage job with it being tons more fun!! Nothing but love for everyone here and Mike is the man!