Frequently Asked Questions

  1. A break week begins on Friday and runs through Thursday. All products purchased during that period will be shipped by the following Saturday.
  2. Packages under 16 oz. are shipped USPS First Class and packages over 16 oz. are shipped USPS Priority Mail (1-3 days).
  3. All items will be shipped in a bubble mailer. If a bubble mailer is too small, the items will be shipped in a box.

All sales are final.

You can create an account by clicking here.

Shipping addresses can be changed by going to “My Account” and then selecting “Addresses“. Also, please message the Rated Rips Instagram account with your updated address to ensure its properly updated in our system!

Orders can be tracked by going to “My Account” and then selecting “Orders.” From there, you will be able to view every order and track the status.

No, we do not keep any credit card information, however, you will have the option to save a default payment option through Stripe.

  1. Rated Rips ships to the continental United States and Canada. If located outside of the United States or Canada, please contact our customer service before purchasing. Additional charges may apply.
  2. We only ship to our international customers every 4 weeks. We’d be happy to ship to you more frequently if you’d like, we’d just ask you to pay for shipping. The weekly cost is around $13. If there is anything you want shipped sooner, please don’t hesitate to ask.

With 128-bit SSL security with advanced encryption, you are guaranteed that your purchases are safe.

  1. A group box break is where Rated Rips takes a sealed box/boxes of trading cards and offers a “spot” in the break. A spot can be viewed somewhat as a fractional share in the box. A spot will give you access to drafting or randomly being assigned a team(s) depending on the format of the break.
    • Example: 15 Spot NBA Random Teams Group Break. Each spot would randomly be assigned 2 teams using a legitimate randomizer on the live stream for everyone to view. Every card that gets pulled with a player on a team(s) you were assigned will get shipped to you. Rated Rips determines the team associated with each card based on the logo/team name listed on the card. This does NOT always match up with the jersey the player may be wearing or team the player currently plays for.
  1. Joining a group box break is an affordable way to collect cards without having to empty your wallet. This is because you are only paying a fractional share of the total cost of the box.
    • Example: Group Box Break includes a box valued at $1,000. The format includes 10 spots available for $100 per spot. You may not have $1,000 to spend on the box itself but you can gain access to the box by purchasing a spot ($100) in the group break for only a tenth of the price! This is a cheap way to take minimal risk and hit massive cards. We have witnessed numerous individuals turn incredible profits/value by hitting large cards at a cheaper cost through group box breaks!

PYT Group Break

Customers select the team(s) they would like to purchase based on those available in the break. Customers will receive all cards from the team(s) they purchased. Certain teams are priced higher than others using this format. This format is enticing for customers looking to collect only a certain team/player.

Random Team Group Break

Customers select the spot(s) they would like to purchase. Teams are not determined or known until the randomization takes place on the live stream. Teams will be randomized and assigned based on the spot(s) customers have purchased in the break. All spots in the break are the same price giving everyone the same chance to be awarded a top team.

Random Division Group Break

This format is similar to the Random Team Group Break however, instead of teams, full divisions will be randomized and assigned. Customers will be assigned all teams from the random division associated with their spot.

Draft Group Breaks

These are the most strategic type of breaks that require some background knowledge. Customers select the spot(s) they would like to purchase. These are NOT the order of the draft. Draft positions are not determined or known until the randomization takes place on the live stream. After randomization occurs customers select which item (card, pack, box, team, division, etc.) they would like based on the draft format of the break. Drafts occur during the live stream so you must be PRESENT in the live room to make your selections.

Mystery Boxes/Repacks

Rated Rips is known to put together the MOST VALUABLE mystery boxes and repacks in the entire hobby. Rated Rips runs a variety of products relating to these items so be sure to keep an eye out and read the detailed descriptions when they are posted. These are unique products put together by the Rated Rips team themselves and tend to sell out instantly!

All product(s) stock will be held/reserved in cart for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes it becomes available to public again.

If your package is lost or stolen, please file a missing mail claim with USPS Here! We can provide the tracking number and any other additional information you need to file the claim. Please message the Rated Rips Instagram account for information! Please note, Rated Rips can only submit claims to their insurance company based on specific circumstances. The claim will be limited to the lesser of – value of the cards lost/stolen or the original break spot/team cost.